First American Telecom
offers beautifully designed
outdoor advertising pay telephone kiosks.



Enhance the image of your pay
telephones and beautify
the streets.


Provide a safe, clean and attractive
pay telephone service to
your residents and visitors.


Share in the revenue
generated by the advertising
display's on the kiosk.


Control and regulate the Advertising
being displayed in your City.


Provide information hotlines for public
announcements and City events
to your residents and visitors.

Testemonial from Mr. David Hernandez,
City of Miami
"The kiosk program has been an overwheiming success... In my opinion, the City has accomplished its goals by implementing this project with First American. I highly recommend this program for any Municipality that is presently looking to upgrade its pay telephones and/or street furniture..."

Our newly designed pay telephone kiosk is presently used in the metropolitan cities of Los Angeles, New York and Miami. The program has been an overwhelming success. Municipalities have concluded that the kiosks not only enhance the City's image, but have found their use to result in cleaner and safer streets. We believe that this is due to the overall attractiveness of the kiosk enclosure.
Users have told us that they feel safe and protected due to the size and appeal of the kiosk. In addition, we believe vandals have been reluctant to damage, vandalize or place graffiti on the kiosk due to its appearance.
The enclosure has been carefully constructed to withstand the harsh Florida climate and are installed in the most convenient locations for use by the consumer.
The cost to upgrade existing pay telephone equipment is offset by the revenue generated through advertising panels. Advertisements placed on the kiosk are of the highest quality. Some past advertisers include Tommy Hilfiger, United Airlines, Ralph Lauren Polo, Hagen Daas, Calvin Klein, Snapple, Levi's, Red Cross, Partnership for a Drug Free America and L'oreal Cosmetics.
We look forward to bringing this to your City in the near future.
Thank you for your reviewing our program!